The National Association of Students of Architecture commonly referred to as NASA is one of the largest communities of architectural students in Asia.  Over 120 colleges of the architectural community are members of this organization.NASA provides an interactive platform for students all over the country by holding conventions both at the national and zonal levels.

Colleges all over India compete for the prestigious trophies which cover various aspects of architecture.

We strive to provide assistance to the society through the ideas that develop during the convention. The ideas that materialize during this conglomeration are also used to provide technical assistance to the economically backward sections.

This year NASA will witness participation from various colleges in countries under SAARC. Architects across the SAARC nations will have an opportunity to interact with each other and come up with productive solutions.

As NASA completes its Golden Jubilee year, it is an ideal time to retrospect the role NASA plays in the current professional and social scenario.

Being a student organization the main objective of NASA is to increase cross-college interaction. Workshops and seminars held for all colleges enhance fraternization among all architects.