Tips to Buy Perfect Running Shoes Online

Shoes are one of the most important items when it comes to training, running, and playing. From the early days of the game up to present-day, studs have always been a must. They are used to help players cover more ground, maintain their balance, and protect their feet. Read here tips to finding the best football shoes for flat feet. However, there is a lot of confusion regarding the types of shoes available to football players. Shoes are available in different materials, which means different features are provided. These are designed to meet the requirements of different sports.

Nowadays shopping is fun and convenient for everyone. It no longer requires you to physically go to a store. You can do it online with various dedicated websites to brands. However, when it comes to shopping for a perfect pair of running shoes, it could be a bit tricky.

We have prepared this guide for you to have a safe and comfortable online shopping experience for shoes. You no longer have to take risks while buying a perfect pair of shoes online because here are some of the useful tips which will help you in getting the correct size as well as perfect comfort.

So, let’s get started to achieve a goal of “miles to go before I sleep” but with style and comfort that too in a few clicks.

Few Things to Keep in Mind while Shopping a Perfect Pair of Shoes Online

Before stepping into online shoe shopping, it is better to understand your requirement and shoe’s anatomy. If you understand your foot type and footwear’s material, it becomes easier to have a perfect fit.


In online shopping, you cannot step in your foot right before placing your order. So, to save money and time, you must understand the checklist of criteria that you must go through before confirming your desirable shoe.


Though most online stores offer an easy return policy still it is heart breaking to return a shoe that you liked so much but have to return for size or comfort issues.

1.      Measure your Feet Precisely

The key to buying a perfect fit running shoe online is to measure your feet accurately, no matter how sure you are about your shoe size. The size of every brand differs vastly and shoe style and shape can also obstruct you from finding your perfect fit.

Also, the size charts can be easily consulted after getting your precise foot measurement. So, next time before directly choosing your average shoe size, select the perfectly measured shoe.

2.      Understand Shoe’s Anatomy

Besides measuring feet, understanding the material and parts of the shoe are equally important. The elements used in manufacturing running shoes can make or break your performance. Thus, the different elements that you must know for finding the perfect pair of the shoe are given below:

person running in shoes

1.      Upper of the Shoe

As the name suggests, everything above the sole of the shoe is considered upper. Unlike traditional shoes, modern running shoes have a knitted material and styling printing like in the renowned Adidas Human Race shoes. It gives a sock-like appearance creating one piece upper that provides perfect stretch and support.

So, always for a shoe that has an upper shaped like your feet and provides a smooth finishing for better comfort.

2.       Heel Counter

It is a semi-rigid layer shaped like a cup to enhance the support of your heel and provide safe anchorage. So, it is also a crucial part to look for while buying a running or walking shoe online. Hence, you can consider a heel counter perfect if you can move your ankle comfortably.

3.      Outsole

The outsole is generally made up of rubber and comes in contact with the running surface. So, the outsole must be manufactured from a material that provides controlled traction with the surface to avoid injury or fall.

Keeping these criteria and the return policy of the online stores in mind, you can make a smart purchase for a perfect pair of running shoes online.