5 Social Media Marketing Services That Actually Deliver Results

As a social media marketing expert, I see all too often businesses spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on social media marketing services when they don’t get anything to show for it. But that’s not because they’re doing anything wrong. It’s because they’re using bad social media marketing services. It’s time to stop throwing good money after bad.

  1. How to Optimize Content for Each Platform

Optimize content for each platform is about ensuring that content created for one channel serves its purpose across all others. It’s not an easy task to master, but it’s essential if you want to maximize your reach across multiple channels. A good place to start is with the most popular channels on social media platforms and how to create posts that using social media marketing service provider serve different purposes.

  1. How to Drive Traffic Through Facebook Ads

You can also drive traffic by encouraging people to link to you in a Facebook post or comment. This works because people tend to respond positively to their friends. The same goes for Twitter, too: if you mention someone, your followers will see who you’re talking about and will check it out.

  1. How to Make Money on Instagram

The number one thing to remember when thinking about making money on Instagram is that all the best places for advertisers to spend money are going to be in the middle of the funnel. This is not an endorsement of advertising on social media, but rather the fact that there are many people who are just getting started with Instagram or are very new to using social media in general. People aren’t spending their whole day on Instagram or even on social media. They are using it in spurts.

  1. How to Get Started on Twitter

Before starting your Twitter marketing campaign, you’ll need to sign up. Signing up for a Twitter account is free and allows you to post tweets and follow others. You can use Twitter to keep up with your friends, share photos and videos, interact with brands you like and discuss popular topics. But Twitter isn’t just about self-expression. It’s also a business tool for marketers, who use the platform to promote their products and grow their audiences.

  1. How to Set Up a Pinterest Account and Optimize for Growth

One of the fastest growing social media networks is Pinterest, a platform that lets users collect, save, share, and organize all kinds of images and other visual content. According to its website, Pinterest has over 100 million active users, and according to ComScore, the site received 7 billion unique page views in January 2012. (That’s up from 2 billion in June 2011.) Pinterest is also one of the most visited mobile websites.


So, it is time to start using the social media marketing services that deliver results. Don’t waste your time and money on marketing strategies that are just not working. Find the ones that actually work. You don’t have to spend your hard-earned dollars on those that are too expensive. Instead, focus on the ones that are more affordable. Don’t worry about the ones that are too expensive, because you are going to find the ones that are truly worth your hard-earned money.