UAN Login: Know How to Work UAN Member Login Portal ?

UAN Member Login

Know how to UAN login online? Today, an activated UAN is more or less a mandatory requirement for all EPF members. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to get your UAN login activated to be able to avail all the EPF member portal facilities.

In this specific article, we’ll shared more information on what the UAN is, how you can register or how to work UAN login and activate it. UAN is stand as Universal Account Number.

UAN Login

The majority of you who are an EPFO member must be familiar with UAN login. If you’re unaware of your UAN number, do obtain it and avail tons of useful online services. You can buy your Universal Account Number from your UAN employer portal. UAN stands for a universal account Number issued to each of the EPF associates. UAN number is only an individual id for the EPFO member whatever the variety of PF accounts he/she is holding.

It is a unique umbrella for the different member Ids. The primary purpose of introducing UAN is to eliminate the dependency on the employer. UAN number has also helped in determining genuineness of the PF accounts and member. It can also come in convenient while checking epf balance online. Probably, a lot of you aren’t aware of the UAN Number and benefits it requires. This post manuals you to really get your UAN Number, activate it, and avail related benefits.

To get benefits associated with your universal account number, you need to obtain it from your employer. If your account is just new, your employer must be looking forward to your UAN. You can check your UAN status online at the state website of EPFO.

EPFO Member Login

Once you have this number in your hands, visit the UAN users web page at the EPFO portal. We have given the procedure to activate your UAN login further in this article. UAN also helps EPFO to make a complete database to track the facts with the Know Your Customer mechanism.

What is UAN?

The UAN (Universal Accounts Number) was introduced by the EPFO to give a permanent identification to every EPF account. Subsequently, a separate UAN member portal was made to provide various UAN based facilities.

The UAN initiative of the EPFO has mainly turned the tables towards employees. Having a permanent Number related to the EPF account, employees can straight connect to their accounts online. Members can also avail various facilities and never have to visit or send constant reminders with their regional EPFOs.

One of the primary benefits of the UAN login is the ability to membership multiple PF accounts under one umbrella. A UAN also reduces an employee’s dependency on the employer for withdrawals. Furthermore, it helps authorities curb defaulters.

Other advantages of having an activated UAN have been specified in a related article titled UAN Status.

Having a UAN is crucial for every employee, but how do you register and activate it? Without further delay, let’s go through the three ways where you can register and activate your UAN login today.

How to Activate UAN at UAN Member Login

Now if you have obtained your universal accounts Number, follow the below process of UAN login. Click on the below-captioned link to create your UAN member login.

  1. In the remaining aspect of the web page, you will observe a login home window. Below it, there is an option for ‘Activate your UAN’. Go through the same option of activating UAN.
  2. A new page will appear. Click on the check container of ‘I have comprehended the instructions.’
  3. An application to fill will appear on the screen.
  4. Enter your UAN amount, mobile amount, and member id number.
  5. Type the captcha code as shown and get the PIN Number on your mobile.
  6. Click on the check box for ‘I agree’.
  7. Type the authorization PIN you received on your mobile.

The process will activate your UAN member login or UAN registration. You will login at the previous page making use of your UAN Number and password. Ensure that you use your own mobile number to join up with UAN website.

UAN Login and Activation via Member Portal

To grab yourself registered and obtain UAN login qualifications, first you need to really get your universal account number. To know more about how to find out your UAN, read our article titled Know your UAN online.

For the online registration process, you will need your EPF member ID and mobile number. Below is the step-wise procedure for UAN login and activation.

  1. Open up the UAN member website in your browser.
  2. Click on Activate UAN as shown in the image.
  3. Over the Member e-Sewa portal, a UAN activation form will appear. First, enter your UAN number.
  4. Click on the check box next to Enter Member Identification. Select the Condition and Office where your EPF accounts is taken care of. The first 5 individuals of your EPF member id will be the Region Code and the PF Office code. The next (maximum) 7 people will be the Establishment Code. The next (maximum) 3 individuals are the Expansion code. The final (maximum) 7 character types are the Employee Number. Refer the image below.
  5. Check the package next to Aadhaar to enter your Aadhaar number.
  6. Check the container next to PAN to enter your PAN.
  7. Enter your name (as it seems in your salary slip), your date of birth, mobile amount and Email Identification.
  8. Enter the captcha code.
  9. Select Get Authorization Pin.
  10. You are going to receive the Pin on your mobile for verification purpose.
  11. Enter the authorization Pin and complete the procedure of registration.

With the registration process complete, you can log in to the UAN member portal to login. Now, you can login every time making use of your UAN username and password. If you have any query related to your universal account amount, then ask 1800 118 005. This toll-free number belongs to the UAN helpdesk. You can even contact the helpdesk via email at

The UAN member portal is a major step towards EPF digitization. We expect to have a great many other facilities prolonged on the EPFO portal. Therefore, it’s better to get familiar with it soon.

UAN Activation via Mobile App

In addition to the member portal mentioned previously, you can activate your UAN via EPFO’s mobile app. Listed below are the steps for activating the UAN via the mobile app. Before you proceed, however, you will need to download the application from the EPFO website. At present, the app is available for the Android OS.

  1. On the primary display screen of the app, touch on Member.
  2. You should see two options: Activate UAN and Balance/Passbook. Tap on the Activate UAN tab.
  3. Around the UAN activate screen, tap on the drop down arrow for select office. Select the office that maintains your EPF accounts.
  4. Enter the Establishment Code, Extension and your Employee number. These can be deduced from your EPF member id. Check step no. 4 under “UAN Login and Activation via Member Website” above for more clarity.
  5. Enter your 12-digit UAN and mobile number.
  6. Tap the declaration check box and faucet Activate.

This would complete the UAN activation process. Now you can avail the various facilities available, including looking at your EPF balance and EPF passbook online.

UAN Member Login: Advantages of UAN Login

Once your UAN is activated online, you can do a bunch of things online just using your UAN number. No need to enter your PF Number. If you have multiple PF figures, the UAN login facility is very beneficial.

Activate your UAN by creating UAN login and revel in the following online facilities:

  1. Download your regular EPF passbook simply by entering your UAN amount.
  2. Check EPF balance status using UAN login portal.
  3. Track position of your PF claim.
  4. Check PF balance through skipped call and SMS service.
  5. Update your KYC details at the EPFO UAN login portal.

For additional information on using UAN Number for EPF state status, refer to our post on check or know your PF claim status.

UAN Helpdesk Toll Free Number

Contact on below UAN helpdesk toll free amount from 9.15 AM to 5.45 PM. You can call for any query regarding your UAN as well as your details signed up in UAN.

  • UAN Helpline Number: 1800 118 005

The number may not respond on the gazetted holidays. But it is working on all a week of weekly. EPFO has launched this UAN helpdesk facility to aid EPFO members for any concern related to UAN. If you wish to get any information on universal account Number, you can call this Number.

In case your UAN number is not yet received, you can examine your UAN status at the EPFO portal. Do refer to our independent post on monitoring UAN status online. UAN login is a significant facility that should be utilized by all the EPFO people. Do remember that UAN amount remains same for a lifetime regardless of change of your careers. You can even use it to check your PF position. The universal account Number and UAN login portal for associates is a huge step in the path of EPF digitalization.

We understand the importance of provident fund for the salaried people. A bunch of information is posted at our blog for EPF balance status, PF drawback, EPFO Login portal and PF rules. Keep going to us to use the EPF online and offline facilities offered by the employee provident fund company.

UAN Activation via SMS

In order to activate your UAN via the SMS service, all you have to to do is send an SMS to 7738299899. This method is specially useful for individuals who do not (or are unable to) get access to computers and smartphones.

To activate via Text message, send EPFOHO Action,<<12 digit UAN number>>,<<22 digit MemberID>> from your mobile Number to 7738299899. For instance, if your UAN is 123456789876 and Member ID is XXYYY12345670007654321, then type EPFOHO Action,123456789876,XXYYY12345670007654321.

Note: There are no areas before and after the comas in the Text message.
If you are an EPF member, it is strongly suggested that you get your UAN activated. UAN login is a major facility for employees because it allows employees to handle significant EPF-related formalities independently. The UAN amount is valid till your account is active, regardless of whether you change careers.

Visit our website often for all of your EPF related and UAN Login issues. Whether you need to track PF status or check PF state position, we’re here to support you in finding what you’re looking for. Furthermore, if the above information has been useful, please leave your remarks in the below comments.

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