Top 6 Card Games Around the World

Card Games

Playing cards are most popular across the world. Some card games are well-known around the world, while others are famous to smaller communities. Playing card games include luck, intelligence, and psychology at the same time. There are many famous games that might be played using a similar deck of playing cards. Here we have listed top card games in the world.

Best Card Games to Play


Spades is one of the most popular and fun card game that includes strategy and teamwork. It has been around for almost hundreds of years. The spades rules are simple & easy to learn.

The game includes four players with a regular deck of 52 cards. To start, you deal thirteen cards to each player and can put tricks throughout the game. In addition, spades card game is one of those games where you can also play at home or you may play online.


Spoons is a popular card game that combines the fun of matching games with the hectic thrills of musical chairs. Along with a regular playing card deck, you would require a few spoons or any other object for that matter.

The aim is to gather four of a type and the not be The previous one to get a spoon. When any player selects a spoon, others can select spoons too.


Hearts is another popular trick-taking card game such as spades. The game is played with 4 players using a deck of 52 cards. All 52 cards are first circulated amongst the 4 players. It’s an entertaining game and you will enjoy it.

The aim is to earn a minimal no. Of factors. The game is performed many times until one person accomplishes a total of hundreds of points.


The bridge is another complex card game playing using cards. This card game is played by 4 players with 2 opposing teams.

Players opposite each other are at a similar team and the game includes numerous dealings.

Two other standard variants of Bridge game are Rubber and also duplicate Bridge. The bridge is played in big world level events also.

Gin Rummy

Gin is the most famous rummy card game you can play. All you have to play with is two players, using just one deck of 52 cards.

Initially, all of the players have been dealt together with 10 cards each. You have to make runs & combinations by removing useless cards. You can create a set of three cards with exactly the identical position or make a set of four cards in order of the same suit.


Solitaire is the special card games. It’s a puzzle such as a card game and some variations have emerged but the rules remain identical. Moreover, solitaire game is 1 player game which may be played using a deck of regular cards or on a computer. For more posts like this, you can visit

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