South Australia public holidays 2017-2018

Discover a complete list of all the public holidays of South Australia for the year 2017. The public holidays SA of the year 2017 begin with the holiday of New Year. For benefit of all the office employees, we have shared here the list of all the SA public holidays. Employees often search for the precise dates of the holidays to book their outings or to arrange any important event. Family picnics are often planned during the public holidays. People explore the places which are popular for sight-seeing and adventures. Hence, we have shared here information on free days of all the Australian states.

South australia public holidays are governed by the Industrial Relations Department. The list of holidays are published in the Government Gazette. However, internet is the best place to search for the holidays at any time. The Holidays Act 1901 allows 9 holidays for South Australian employees in a year. These free days are to be considered in addition to every weekend.

SA public holidays

Office Holidays SA 2017

Here is an information which reveals the precise dates and days for the public holidays SA in the year 2017.

The major public holidays SA falling in the month of January are New Years Day, the additional holiday for New Year and the Australia Day. The New Year falls on 1st January 2017 Sunday, while the additional holiday is on 2nd January 2017, Monday. The Australia day is on 26th January 2017, Thursday.

South Australia will also have a free day on 13th March 2017, Monday being a March Public Holiday. 14th April 2017, Friday and 15th April 2017, Saturday are off for Good Friday and Easter Saturday. 17th April 2017 Monday will be a public holiday for Easter Monday. Another school holidays SA in the month of April is the ANZAC Day on 25th April 2017, Tuesday.

The Queen’s Birthday holiday is on 12th of June 2017, Monday. It is celebrated on the second Monday of every October.

South Australia will also observe part-public holidays SA on the eve of Christmas and New Year i.e. on 24th December 2017, Sunday and 31st December 2017, Sunday. The part public holidays begin from 7 PM to 12 PM midnight. The month of December will also have free days on 25th December 2017, Monday and 26th December 2017, Tuesday. The days will celebrate Christmas Day and Proclamation Day respectively. The Proclamation Day is also known as Boxing Day in other Australian states.



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