How To Hire A Programmer: Recruitment 101 For Coding Job Role

How To Hire A Programmer

Hiring a programmer is one hell of a chase nowadays. Coders and programmers are specializing in 100 different languages and working in 100 other segments of programming. How to select the perfect one for your company’s needs and the job role you have on the plate?

First-Pass, Coding Skills Test

Coding Skills Test

To skim out a huge number of applicants, go for a first-pass test. This can be done through online coding skills test and challenges. Programmers know it’s a competitive world so they are willing to give such qualifying tests, but giving tests for each job interview is impractical. That is why there are platforms that you can rely on for a comprehensive report of a test given by a programmer. For instance, there is Questy, HackerWorld, HackerEarth, etc.

Look Into Their Work Portfolio

Parallel with their coding test should follow the background check and their work portfolio examination. You can ask for their ID and profiles on GitHub and other such coding community platforms where they have showcased their skills. Stack Overflow and Drupal are also one of the major platforms for a profile that you should look for.

Phone Screening Interview

When all primary data is collected about the candidate’s potential, the next step is to test the communication, character, and instantaneity in answers. Knowledge of the candidate can be easily judged by this phone screening interview. This could be a voice call or a video call according to one’s preference, but a video interview gives an added advantage of security and assurance. In the screening interview, you need to test the candidate’s character suitability for the job, his end of the requirements and expectations and your end of offerings.

Audition Project As A Challenge

The audition project is an optional step and for higher-level programming positions only. However, if you want you can include this in your process too. It goes like this: You give a 1-2 week, real-life project related to the programmer’s job role and assess his work for suitability.

Time For Face-To-Face Interview

When the show time comes and the actual interview is to be scheduled, you need to be prepared with the hiring contract, because if he selected you should not waste his or her time. That could get unprofessional. Clear all your doubts in this phase as well as his, so that onboarding can take place swiftly.

If performed well, we guarantee a non-programmer to hire the best programmer by this test. Look for the creative and eloquent one in the crowd and you will get a sure-shot pick.

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