How to Get UIDAI Status Online

UIDAI is nothing but the unique Identity No mentioned in the Aadhar card. If you have applied for UID Card of Aadhar card you can track the online status through this article. Here we are going to mention exact information about how you can track or inquire about your Aadhar card making process. If you have waited since long time and you don’t get your Unique ID still, you can search it online from here.

What is Aadhar Card?

Aadhar card is the right of every citizen of India. It is a venture of Govt. of India to give a special identity to each and every individual of India. This is certified proof passes from biometrical process, so now it is become the most prominent proof of Indian citizen. If you have the acknowledgement No given after completing the Aadhar card application, you can check UIDAI status online with this. This will make your process easy. But if you don’t have your application no with you, you can still search the online status mentioning your name and date of birth too. Now let’s move ahead to the process of UIDAI status.


How to Check UIDAI status

· First enter into the Aadhar card or UIDAI portal.

· Click on Know Your Aadhar Status tab.

· You can see one form where you need to enter all the personal information.

· And at last you have to enter your application/acknowledgement no in the mentioned box.

· Click on submit for check NSDL status link.

· Your process is done. You are able to see the status of Aadhar card now.


How to Check UIDAI status with Name and Date of Birth

If you have lost your Application No/acknowledgement no you can still know your Aadhar card status by name and date of birth.

· Follow the same procedure; just leave the application no column blank.

· Enter the personal details like name, date of birth exact you entered in the Aadhar enrollment form.

· Your information of name and date of birth must be matched with the enrollment form.

· Now click on submit or track status tab.

· Your application is accepted and soon you will be acknowledged Aadhar card status.

This is valid process to track updated Aadhar status online. No more long process or cost is required to know your UIDAI status online. Effortlessly you will get the immediate information about when you will get your Aadhar card.

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