EPF Balance Check With UAN Number Online

Check PF Balance

Know different ways to check your EPF balance! Employee provident fund is an essential part of any employee’s life. Most of the companies deduct PF. You can check your EPF Balance online of offline in couple of minutes!

EPFO balance is the number currently in your EPF Account. The PF balance can be an sign of your savings during pension. The Employees Provident Fund Balance number comprises the total number which is deducted every month from your regular salary. In addition, it comprises the number which is contributed to your EPF account by your company. The online EPF balance checking platform was released in the year 2011. EPF can be an integral area of the salary framework of any salaried Employee. This information will help you check your PF status online/offline in few moments.

PF Balance

With these various ways, it is easy for anyone to check on their provident fund number every time they want.

PF Balance Check With UAN Number

Now a days you can check your PF balance with the help of UAN number online, it is very easy through Internet just visit UAN member portal. Employee Provident Account (or EPF) is a Federal government of India service offered to all residents who are employees of an exclusive sector company or company. Like a retirement benefit plan, it is the most important part of a private sector employee’s life after retirement. If you’re looking for information on EPF, in particular how to check your EPF balance online, then read on.

The EPF retirement scheme was initiated by the Ministry of Labour and Work, Government of India. Since its inception in the year 1951, the primary objective of the plan has been to protect the financial security of employees post retirement.

EPFO is finally catching up with digitization extremely fast. EPFO member is now able to check EPF balance online through the official portal. This post lists all different ways open to check provident fund/ PF balance status online. For individuals who want to stay updated on their EPF balance without the internet, the offline ways are distributed. Employees can get updates on the PF balance number by calling or by sending an Text message. The different online and offline ways are launched by EPFO to provide maximum convenience to employees. Check all different ways in details and check your EPF balance status using your best suitable method.

Employee Provident Fund Balance Status

Employees provident finance is an integral part of any employee’s life who is an EPFO member. The online EPF balance monitoring is released by EPFO since 2011. Since then, it has gone through many improvements and enhancements.

With UAN Login website you may benefit various EPFO services like PF transfer, EPF balance, update E kyc check every transaction get regular alerts to your mobile. With help new unified EPFO portal, now both EPFO members and partners also known as employees and companies can get online facilities a unitary web portal that is new UAN portal. UAN Member portal for employees now situated on unified UAN portal member user interface. As of now, with unified UAN login website some services like UAN activation, UAN status for knowing universal accounts number might not work. because no one of the EPFO associates confirmed.

The accessibility of the cell phones and internet is fully gone up significantly in past couple of years. To keep abreast with the digitization, the web EPF balance check is manufactured open to all employees. The EPFO mobile app is also launched to check EPF balance position from the smart phones. We have also shared here the phone numbers where employees can call to learn the number gathered in their PF accounts. The PF number is deducted from the employee’s salary. It is also widely known as EPF balance among the retired Indian pensioners. The number is then added for the PF accounts. Employees can avail loans on the PF number as well can pay his/her insurance costs from the EPF balance number.

EPFO Member Login

Knowing your EPF balance number can help you in lots of ways. First and most important it continues you updated on the number of your cost savings. You might withdraw your PF number partially. In case you want to avail financing against your EPF number, the quick online PF balance check facility is very useful. We have shared the links of the state portal of Employees Provident Fund where you can examine your EPF balance. You’ll also find complete step wise method to check on EPF balance number online. Further at this site, we may also be assisting you to know your provident fund claim status, UAN status and PF status.

Know Your EPF Balance Online

To begin with, you will need some details to enter at the site of Employees Provident Fund. This info are as below:

  • The appropriate EPFO office
    • Your PF account number
    • Full name as mentioned the pay slip
    • Your mobile number

Now follow the below steps to really get your current EPF balance number:

  1. Go to the Know Your EPF Balance page at the official portals of Employees Provident Fund Organisation, India:
    2. Provide a click at the hyperlink for PF balance shown in the bottom of this web page.
    3. A fresh page can look for Member EPF Balance Information.
    4. Choose the PF office condition from the drop down menu for States.
    5. Choose the EPFO office from the list made an appearance and click it.
    6. You will fill your EPF accounts number, your name and your mobile number.
    7. Usually the EPF number is in format like GJ/AHD/XXXXXXX/XXX/XXXXXXX. In case your EPF accounts number doesn’t have the center three digits, you can leave that container blank.

If you do not know your EPF office, you can certainly find out from your PF accounts number itself. The first two letters in your EPF Account number signifies the code for state. The next three letters stand for your EPF office region. Fill up the facts and click on the submit button.

Within few occasions you will obtain an SMS displaying your EPF account balance in your mobile.

Before you press the submit button, do check up on the ‘I Agree’ box shown just above the submit button. That’s the easiest way to check EPF balance. Let’s discuss it in detail.

EPF Balance Check By SMS

The EPFO introduced EPF balance check vide Text message, Mobile App and Missed Call Service in the entire year 2015. Please be aware this facility is available to those people who have turned on their UAN number. To get EPF balance status by SMS, you should use only your UAN registered mobile number.

Send below message from your UAN registered mobile to 773 8299 899:

Once you send this SMS to the given number, you will receive EPF balance by come back Text message from EPFO. The message will contain member details, last contribution, and total EPF balance.

You can receive the EPF balance in different languages like Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali and others. To receive message in the Hindi language, change the vocabulary code to rather than

EPF Balance Missed Call Service

EPFO’s Missed Call service is probably the 3 new services launched to check on EPF balance. Here’s something very convenient for mobile users with no internet. You do not even need to send any text message. Just send a skipped call on below number to get your PF accounts details:

Give a missed call to: 01122901406

Once again, be sure that you provide a missed call from your UAN registered mobile number. Once you give a missed call, you will receive an SMS in few minutes. The SMS will contain your member details and EPF balance.

EPFO Mobile App for EPFO Member Balance

The 3rd service launched recently by EPFO is for checking EPF balance with EPFO Mobile APP. Various EPFO Mobile Apps can be found at google play store free of charge.
Here is the connect to download M-EPF for Android (4.0 or more) devices:

EPFO Mobile App

In the event that you download EPF App in your smart phones, you can avail many EPF facilities on your telephone. You can activate your UAN accounts from your handsets. Also, view your PF account monthly credits. If you’re a pensioner, you can check your pension disbursement with this app. Employers can also view their remittance information on the phone.

How to Check EPF Balance with UAN Number

When you have UAN number, you can examine your EPF balance via UAN at the below official web page of EPF. Universal Account Number centered member portal is launched by EPFO to give a unique number to every EPF member. The UAN number will not change whilst you change company.

  1. Utilize the below link to gain access to the UAN Member web page of Employees Provident Finance Organization.
    2. When you have already activated your UAN centered sign up, just enter your UAN number and password.
    3. If not, click on the tab ‘Activate your UAN based Registration’ shown in the bottom.
    2. Check the box for ‘I have read and understood the instructions’
    3. Now enter your UAN number and mobile number.
    4. Select the state and EPFO office from the dropdown list.
    5. Also enter your Member ID in the related areas and click on ‘Get PIN.’.
    6. You might receive your PIN to your posted mobile number.
    7. Now submit this PIN number to complete your UAN Activation status process.
    8. Once you surface finish activation, you will be able to create a login id and security password.
    9. Now each time you want to check your EPF balance with your UAN number, login using your UAN number and password.

You can obtain your UAN number from your company to activate the enrollment at the ‘Know Your UAN status’ page.

Download EPF Passbook with UAN

Activate your UAN and download EPF passbook to know your monthly PF contribution. With EPF passbook, you will know your EPF balance in details. It will show your contribution as well employer’s contribution. The final balance in your accounts will be updated regular monthly. To activate your UAN, refer to your post on UAN position.

Once you activate your UAN, download EPF passbook as show in below areas.
Download Passbook at EPFO Member Portal (without UAN)

If you do not have UAN activation, you can still make your passbook to learn the regular monthly EPF balance. Follow these easy steps to download your EPF passbook from EPFO member portal:

  1. Visit the EPFO member portal at:
    2. Register yourself as of this portal making use of your record number. To join up yourself, click on the link: ‘Click here to enroll’.
    3. You should use any identity number for enrollment. i.e. Aadhar card number, PAN card number, Passport number, Ration card number, Voter ID credit card no., BANK-ACCOUNT no. or Generating Licence number.
    4. Choose the document from the drop down list.
    5. Enter your document number, and Day of birth. Also, Name as in this document, mobile number, and Email id.
    6. Enter captcha code as show and select Get Pin.
    7. You are going to immediately receive Pin number on your mobile.
    8. Check the tiny box for ‘I Agree’.
    9. Enter the Pin number to activate your registration.

Now login the UAN member website using the record number and mobile number. After login, you will see your EPF accounts passbook online. When you have multiple PF accounts, you will see information on all accounts here. You’ll also get an SMS alert every month on your mobile phone as so when e-Passbook is available on this portal. EPF online payment may also be checked through the state portal. Direct login of EPFO is given here.
With UAN registration, you can also download the passbook from the EPFO website. This will allow you to track the position of all of your EPFO transactions.

You can even download PF withdrawal form if you’ve planned to withdraw your EPF balance. It’ll provide a complete statement of all your PF transactions. Make sure you know about EPF guidelines before you withdraw the number from the account. Keep visiting us to learn all latest improvements on EPFO procedures.

If you have any confusion over examining your EPF balance online, do leave your inquiries here. Different recognized webpages of Employees Provident Fund Company website offers useful online facilities. These facilities are extremely helpful for employees to get their EPF balance details quickly. We are soon publishing other useful methods for online PF balance, EPF state position check and UAN status. You can even check your PF position now

What’s UAN Portal?

UAN Is a Universal Accounts Number for EPFO members. EPFO employees can obtain it by checking UAN status and then activate it for login and other UAN EPFO services. EPFO UAN is 14 digits unique number its necessary to PF transfer. it will be available with UAN position option. people can know the UAN number with PF number. There will be the couple of befits with UAN Aadhar number to available all E-services of EPF India.

UAN Passbook Download EPFO Member Portal

EPFO People who are activated UAN Number can download UAN Passbook for his or her PF balance and other credit details. EPFO members without UAN Portal Number can get EPF statement at Old EPFO login portal associates.EPFOservices.in. UAN Passbook statement downloaded in PDF format so UAN Members might not view in the mobile device. SO UAN portal associates may use the EPFO mobile app and Text message missed call services.

Passbook contains detailed transaction related EPF balance. so friends just for UAN passbook instead of EPF balance by PF number. people can also get Text message, email alerts regarding their PF balance. However, some individuals reporting EPFO not updating their EPF balance. but the simple truth is there maybe concern with your company. main reason includes the irregular contribution or may not be paying to EPFO for your account, you can check this with TRRN search. The primary advantage of UAN login website you can track payments by the employer towards to your PF account.

How to Get UAN Number?

You may get UAN Number together with your PF contribution and Month to month salary. You are able to contract your company. Also, you can get UAN Number by PF account number. Visit UAN portal, check UAN Position by PF Number and Employee name Day of birth along with Mobile number. If UAN Number allotted for you can go for Activate it online.

UAN Number also available with the employer, recheck on your payslip. got confused then retrieve the UAN number with EPFO member id on UAN member portal. this consists of furnishing the facts name, guardian mobile number. be sure to that details have to match with EPFO member data source. Mobile number is must the signed up one with EPFO.

PF Balance Check with UAN number

UAN Users can check EPF balance by UAN Number at EPFO Member portal or UAN portal online. also, they can check EPF balance with UAN Number with offline mode by Text message and Missed call service. You can check your PF balance here. 4 more ways to check PF balance with UAN number. As we already said earlier. easiest way to check on the EPF balance with skipped call facility.

UAN Portal Member Login

A UAN Member can login the UAN Number and PASSWORD. UAN Number will be delivered by Text message EPFO within 7 days. We already created security password while producing the UAN Online.

UAN Portal Helpdesk

UAN Helpdesk portal Launched for various UAN associates issues like UAN Password and the mobile number lost, PF number and UAN Number Mismatch. Address details correction etc. Notice only the technical problems solved at UAN Helpdesk portal. you call the customer care and attention toll free number or email them by UANhelp@EPFindia.gov.in.

UAN Portal for Employers

Generally, employers do all EPFO activities online too. employers activities like EPF payment online and Participant registration claim settlement approval. and Aadhaar, Pan standard bank details improvement. New employer UAN portal, employers can make the payment, settle the EPFO promises, add new members to EPFO etc.

UAN Login Benefits

  1. There is no participation of employer if your UAN and Aadhaar are verified. this the primary EPFO strictly asking seed aadhaar with UAN at PF portal.
    2. You are able to hyperlink all PF accounts with Single unified UAN Portal account number.
    3. Transferring PF account made easy with UAN Number.
    4. With UAN employees can track Their EPF contribution on a monthly basis either company paying or not.
    5. Withdraw PF Online with UAN super easy like standard bank transfer.
    6. Updating Address & Id proof document Ekyc made easy.PF Transfer with UAN login

No need to transfer PF account from the prior employer to present employer manually online. With the Help of UAN Website, It automatically used in the new company with your KYC and UAN Number.

Increased benefits for the pension plan.

Generally UAN portal employees with PF number rather than PF transfer. then money put into the EPFO pension structure also withdrawn. then there is absolutely no big retirement benefits. With UAN PF exchanges funds also used in the present company.

UAN Help for Withdrawal

With UAN you can withdraw up to 50% of EPF corpus number if UAN enabled for your PF Accounts number.

UAN Status for UAN Generation or Registration

Now every EPFO member now allocated with the new UAN number. you know your UAN number because employer issues the PF Accounts number and UAN login number to employees.

The Company also activates your UAN number for respecting PF number for UAN portal login. Employees can also hyperlink PF Number with UAN number through the Text message.

How EPF Portal Work

As mentioned earlier, both the company and the employee contribute 12% of the basic monthly wages towards EPF. As the employee’s 12% contribution will go fully on the EPF, the employer’s 12% contribution is divided the following:

  • 33% towards Employee Pension Scheme (EPS)
    • 67% towards Employee Provident Fund
    • 1% towards EPF Administration Charges
    • 5% towards Employee Deposit Connected Insurance (EDLI)
    • 01% towards EDLI Administration Charges

How You Check UAN Number Status

Simple, we can check UAN number position by our PF Number this called as member identification. Go to the UAN login portal, look for UAN Position or know your UAN status option. Then click on the UAN position or UAN activation form.

  1. Enter Your Member id / EPF Number.
    2. Name of EPFO Member
    3. Date Of Birth
    4. Mobile Number which registered with EPFO or signed up by your employer.

Provide the all the above details on UAN website, If UAN number allocated for you PF accounts 99% choices then EPFO Asks your contact number to get UAN Number details to Your Phone number. But it requires couple of days maybe. after You got UAN Number you can activate the UAN and login immediately. Employers can also activate the UAN, through EPFO UAN company portal.

EPFO UAN login Activation Process Online

UAN number necessary for registering /activating with UAN portal, however, we can activate the UAN without visiting the unified UAN login member site, we could do that by sending an SMS to UAN helpline with UAN & member id or PF number. This process also known as UAN activation by Text message.

UAN Activation by Employer

The employer can activate multiple UAN numbers for their employees at a time.
for this company got to know employees details like

  1. UAN Number
    2. PF Number
    3. Mobile Number
    4. Date of joining
    5. UAN login status (is UAN member able login UAN portal or not),
    6. Some other details.

To begin with, the employer must login EPFO e sewa website or New unified UAN website for the company. Then select UAN option then, under UAN menu choose the Multiple UAN login activation. Enter the facts and click on submit.

UAN Activation by Employee online on UAN Portal

UAN activation on UAN website is the faster and simplest way. the Employee simply need to provide the member id and UAN number. but UAN number is already autofill at UAN activation form.

Some other details include Member name, member id, contact number, father /mother middle name etc.

After submitting the all details simply click on authorizes to verify mobile activation then enter verification for UAN activation through the mobile number.

Then create a strong password to login UAN portal. You could login UAN login member portal soon after activating the UAN login with the Universal accounts number.

Once more visit UAN member portal, on the UAN website login form, enter the UAN number & security password to login. You’ll be able to check available services on EPFO UAN login portal.

EPF Balance Checking, Passbook Download, UAN Card Download

Features of UAN

UAN portal brings you to lot features that every employee should aware about the EPFO system, this tremendous improvement in EPFO lifecycle from 1952 to 2015 onwards. The primary advantages of UAN activation or UAN login website.

  1. every employee can revise KYC online at UAN portal without employer involvement.
    2. PF withdrawal online no need to round visit to EPF offices & prior employer.
    3. PF transfer to new company automatically with UAN number.
    4. UAN Portal users can get EPF balance details by SMS
    5. download UAN declaration monthly or decide on a day of rage like bank statement for available loans etc with UAN portal.

Unified UAN Member Portal

It’s officially launched on December 2016, but some problems with new UAN unified server. Associates got downtime for looking at balance, EPF transfer, downloading UAN passbook. what’s new with new UAN unified portal?

We can view the Profile information Details like UAN Number, date of birth, Member name and member id etc.

EPFO member able view EPF balance online without downloading UAN passbook in pdf format, With unified UAN portal associates, can download the UAN credit card or take on the same portal. on the UAN credit card, the photo might not show up because EPFO team working on it.

New UAN unified portal navigation menu as follows >> Home>> View>>Manage>>Accounts.

In the View Menu>> passbook, UAN Card, Service history, profile sections will appear.
UAN Portal>> Manage: member can upgrade contact details and KYC with document proof by uploading to the unified login website.

New Unified UAN Portal login

In Profile sections: All the details of member available including personal and contact details, it also includes education details as well. EPFO Unified login Account settings: the employee can change the security password for your UAN login portal. For changing UAN login security password mobile number is required if you would like to improve the password without mobile number in case of changed mobile number. employee have to get hold of UAN helpdesk portal.
also, check new UAN employer portal interface.

Know UAN Status at UAN login portal

Every employee who has a provident fund account is allowed to Universal account number by the Work provident fund organization (EPFO).Universal account number(UAN) it allows you to access the check EPF balance and withdraw from your account with no interference.

Know the UAN login number: Anyone produces a UAN portal number if you are student or unemployed. Users who need get UAN or UAN login number visit the public website of EPFO and go to your service link. And enter the mandatory details to get UAN and web page link up to your EPF accounts. Employees you can find out the UAN number through online.
If UAN was already allotted for you by the unified UAN portal. if select Check Position in EPFO. Which will redirect to a verification web page.Fill the all fine detail name, Day birth and other details as like registration time? And next click Get Pin tab. The pin will be sent to your mobile. By using this PIN number you can Know UAN through online.

UAN Login Status at Unified UAN portal:

EPF associates can UAN login status. If you are the member of EPFO you can activate Universal account number(UAN). Employees can track UAN position by using UAN member Id.This member id includes 22 digits it allotted to EPF members.The next is the process of checking UAN status.

  • Go to the UAN status page by simply clicking Link:http://UANmembers.EPFOservices.in/check_UAN_status.php
    • Next, enter the EPFO office state name in the first package.
    • Select your EPFO office region name and code in the next box.
    • Enter the EPF account number in the 3rd box.
    • Finally, click on check status tabs.and you will get information on UAN whether allotted or not.

Universal number activation for UAN Login:

Associates of Employees provident account organization (EPFO), they must need to activate UAN.Users or employees by using this UAN login to get various services of PF account through online.The Number of benefits provided by the UAN login that mainly transfers fund to some other account, check the EPF balance and other services.

UAN Portal login activation: The following is the procedure of UAN activation.

  • Users first keep it UAN and EPF accounts numbers before starting the process.
    • Next click on the hyperlink: http://UANmembers.EPFOservices.in/ Scroll down and Select Any the following Links
    • And select read and understand tab.
    • Enter the Universal accounts number and EPF number in blank areas on UAN portal activation form.
    • And enter the character types to get PIN and pin will send to your signed up mobile number.
    • Then create account.
    • Finally, go to the web page of UAN login. And get into the Username and password to gain access to your UAN accounts.

How to Download UAN Passbook from UAN Portal

Employees provident finance firm(EPFO) facilitates to employees to download the UAN Passbook through online.Users or members of EPFO easy to know the EPF balance.EPFO UAN passbook provides the more details that are Member I, PF withdrawal details, Total EPF, EPF transfer details, Balance of Employee/Employers contribution and Pension contribution.

Download EPF UAN Passbook: Following is the procedure of downloading UAN passbook.

  • Go to the UAN website hyperlink:https://unifiedportal-mem.EPFindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
    • If you will be the first user you can activate UAN normally go to the login page.
    • If you will be the existing users of UAN then enter the Account in UAN login.
    • pressing on submit button the thing is three files for the reason that page.
    • Click on View passbook tabs and you’ll get UAN passbook details.

Universal Account Number Portal

EPFO launched the unified UAN website for Employee and EPFO users.Universal account number portal helps to employees to check on EPF balance, Transfer EPF balance, download UAN Passbook and other services provided by UAN portal or UAN card.

Listed below are features of the unified UAN portal.

  • Download and print passbook any moment.
    • Prin the UAN card.
    • Change your e-mail id and mobile number.
    • Update and check your KYC position.

UAN Portal Update KYC Correction

A Employee can revise their KYC information by EPF online by using UAN website.You need to improve or update or Correction of KYC(Know your customer details) on UAN website by using UAN number. Update or change KYC details by submitting the related documents when you get on the UAN website.

  • Aadhaar.
    • Bank passbook.
    • National population register.
    • Permanent account number.
    • Election card.
    • Ration card
    • Passport

Above documents are require UAN portal KYC correction:

EPFO UAN Helpdesk Portal

Employment provident finance organisation (EPFO) facilitates to employees to help the queries about UAN.EPFO providing various online services and maintain UAN help desk website to check the facts about EPF accounts. The following are the EPFO UAN portal for online support details.

  • EPFO UAN help desk website link:,
    UAN helpdesk number: Toll-Free:1800 118005 Timings: 7 a.m to 8 p.m.

EPFO Mobile App for UAN Member Portal

Employment provident account organisation providing mobile application services to associates of EPFO. It’s the very useful program for employees to get various services on the cellular phone. Users can download the EPFO mobile application from the state website. Register and get on the UAN portal to gain access to your EPF accounts like EPF Balance check, check UAN position and download UAN passbook and other services provided by the EPFO mobile program.

Download EPFO mobile app:

PF Transfer and Withdrawal process with UAN login portal

EPFO facilities to employees to transfer and withdraw finance by using an UAN number.

Employees first activate their UAN and login to UAN portal to work with these services. The following is the Process of transfer PF to some other PF account looked after the same process for Withdrawal.

Users firstly visit the website: http://members.EPFOservices.in/home.php
• Next, create UAN structured login id which will redirect to some other page here enter the facts of register mobile number, Establishment number, and account number.
• And select the state-wide EPFO office and click on Eligibility tabs for transfer PF.
• It will let check eligibility or not and enter the photo id like passport, Pan card details.This site will send PIN to registered mobile through UAN portal.
• By by using this PIN number you will get a verification message.
• Enter the mandatory PF account number and submit related documents.
• Finally, select Agree tab. After entering the PIN the PF claim transfer is initiated.
• PF transfer or PF withdrawal occurs on member claims portal not withing UAN portal.

UAN Login Number

Most people with Employee provident fund company (EPFO) based on Universal account number (UAN).It can be used for download EPF passbook and investigations the EPF balance check. You can access the UAN portal using the mobile number that is listed below. Go to the URL: http://www.EPFindia.gov.in/site_en/For_Employees.php?id=sm2_index
• Select the forgot security password and mobile number is transformed option.
• Enter all the details new mobile number, UAN, member ID, Date of birth.
• Enter the type of problem in the written text box
• Select the vocabulary.
• Select generate OTP and by using this gain access to the UAN website.

Final Words

In this article we shared detail information regarding EPF balance, How to check PF balance status online, know your UAN status, Online EPF registration, UAN member portal download passbook, online UAN login passbook download, check PF status, how to login at EPFO UAN member portal to check EPF balance online. If you have any query or doubts then just write your query in comment box. We will solve your problems as soon as early possible. Stay with our website NasaIndia for latest updates!

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